Suzanne Valenta
Technology, Gifted & Talented
Elementary UIL Coordinator
Sunnyvale Elementary School
Phone:  972-226-7601

What's Happening

 Technology Integration:
This year I will be helping teachers integrate technology into the core curriculum. The students will be exposed to websites, apps, and innovative devices to help them create, produce, problem solve and collaborate with each other.  Students and teachers will be using iPads, laptops, projectors, document cameras, and Smartboards regularly in the classroom. 
What are we learning in GT?
K-1st Grade Physical Science Unit -  Water Works
This unit engages kindergarten and first grade students in close observations and experimentation about water.  The concept of change is reinforced as students notice, react to, reflect on, and discover more about force and change.  Students explore the characteristics of water, discover which objects sink and which objects float, experiment to make things float, and examine materials and their interactions with water.
2nd Grade Unit - We are Off on an Adventure 
The unit is designed to be used with 2nd grade GT students for an independent study of a country.  The unit is based on the Depth and Complexity icons of Sandra Kaplan.  Students will research landmarks, holidays, rules, and ethics about their country.   They will also compare the similarities and differences of the country to the United States.
3rd Grade Unit - Sneaker Design and Marketing Unit
In this unit, students work together to research sneaker designs, design a sneaker, as well as create a marketing and economic plan for developing their product.  The students will finalize the project with a presentation to the class with the intent of informing about their product and gaining investors.  This is a cross-curricular unit with application to science (principles of design based around the science of the foot and running), math (marketing and finances portion of the shoe development), and language arts application (informal presentation, debate and a formal presentation).
4th Grade Unit - Class Logo Design Unit
Students work together to research, design, and create a class logo.  The students work in partners, small groups, and finally collaborate as a whole group.  The class logo design should communicate their class personality, purpose, and goals.  Students will be researching color, negative or white space, proportion and symmetry, motion, and fonts when designing a class logo.  Students will also research the marketing strategy, rebranding. They will look at rebranding changes made to companies over time and whether or not the rebranding proved to be effective. 

 GT Field Trip  
 The students had a great time exploring the wildlife ranch and getting an up close look at the exotic animals.



2014 GT Independent Study Projects


Classroom Resources

Take some time this week to get familiar with the following sites.
Username: sunnyvale
Password: bookflix
Username: sunnyvaleelem
Password: books
Feel free to also explore and learn on Brain Pop Jr. 
Brain Pop Jr.: 
Username: sunnyvalebp
Password: brainpop

Upcoming Assigments, Projects or Events

  • Feb. 8 -  ELU Night at the High School

    Feb. 12 - Valentine Parties

    Mar. 4 - GT Referral Forms are Due

    Mar. 7 - Mar. 11 - Spring Break


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