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    Suzanne Valenta
    Technology, Gifted & Talented
    Elementary UIL Coordinator
    Sunnyvale Elementary School
    Phone:  972-226-7601

What's Happening

  •  Technology Integration:
    This year I will be helping teachers integrate technology into the core curriculum. The students will be exposed to websites, apps, and innovative devices to help them create, produce, problem solve and collaborate with each other.  Students and teachers will be using iPads, laptops, projectors, document cameras, and Smartboards regularly in the classroom. 
    What are we learning in GT?
    GT Pullouts Begin Tuesday, August 29 
    1st Grade:  Tuesday and Thursday, 8:45-9:45 
    2nd Grade: Tuesday and Thursday, 12:15-1:15
    3rd Grade:  Tuesday and Thursday,  2:30-3:30
    4th Grade:   Tuesday and Thursday,  1:00-2:00
    1st - 2nd Grade – Early Adventures in Algebra – Featuring Zero the Hero
    "Algebra for first and second grade?" you ask.  " YES!" is the resounding answer.  This GEMS (Great Exploration of Math and Science) Unit is designed to build a foundation in algebraic thinking for students in the early primary grades.  Using the compelling context of "Zero the Hero," students learn the important role zero plays in our number system.  In a series of activities, including engaging games and challenges, students solve for unknowns, explore the concepts of equality and inequality, and represent and analyze mathematical situations using algebraic symbols.   
    3rd/4th Grade - Algebraic Reasoning – Professor Arbegla Introduces Variables and Functions 
    The activities in this GEMS (Great Exploration of Math and Science) Unit help build a solid foundation in algebraic reasoning for students in Grades 3-4.  Within a compelling and challenging context, students are introduced to Professor Arbegla's "Fabulous Function Machine."  A letter from from the Professor herself then describes a malfunction in the machine that students are asked to solve.  Other letters with problem-solving challenges are received over the course of the unit as students gain essential algebraic understandings, learn about equations, and apply what they've learned to problems related to area, including the design of a bedroom floor plan. Throughout the unit, students write in journals and the class keeps adding to an "Algebra Toolkit." 


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