Suzanne Valenta
Technology, Gifted & Talented
Elementary UIL Coordinator
Sunnyvale Elementary School
Phone:  972-226-7601

What's Happening

Technology Integration
This year I will be helping teachers integrate technology into the core curriculum. The students will be exposed to websites, apps, and innovative devices to help them create, produce, problem solve and collaborate with each other.  Students and teachers will be using iPads, laptops, projectors, document cameras, and Smartboards regularly in the classroom.
What are we learning in GT?
1st Grade Differentiated Curriculum - Patterns
patterns Patterns help organize our lives. Students will experience activities that will help organize their thought processes throughout life. Students will become pattern detectives, pattern creators, and pattern solvers.  This all-in-one curriculum will pique students natural excitement and interest in discovery. They will discover the patterns around them in literature, arts, and science and gain a lifelong desire to learn.
2nd - 4th Grade Differentiated Curriculum - Fingerprinting
finger Students will become forensic scientists as they use the standard fingerprint classification scheme to solve a crime. Fingerprints demonstrate both the uniqueness and commonality of human beings.  They are infinitely varied but fall into specific categories.  As such, fingerprinting is an ideal tool for learning and practicing observation and classification skills.  But before the crime can be solved, students explore the intricacies of fingerprints by taking their own prints, devising their own methods of classification, and practicing classification with the standard system. 
2014 GT Independent Study Projects


Classroom Resources

Take some time this week to get familiar with the following sites.
Username: sunnyvale
Password: bookflix
Username: sunnyvaleelem
Password: books
Feel free to also explore and learn on Brain Pop Jr. 
Brain Pop Jr.: 
Username: sunnyvalebp
Password: brainpop

Upcoming Assigments, Projects or Events

    First Semester 2014 GT Referral Form is due October 24, 2014.  Please visit the Gifted and Talented link on the sidebar and choose Program Timeline for additional important dates.
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