Suzanne Valenta
Technology, Gifted & Talented
Elementary UIL Coordinator
Sunnyvale Elementary School
Phone:  972-226-7601

What's Happening

 Technology Integration:
This year I will be helping teachers integrate technology into the core curriculum. The students will be exposed to websites, apps, and innovative devices to help them create, produce, problem solve and collaborate with each other.  Students and teachers will be using iPads, laptops, projectors, document cameras, and Smartboards regularly in the classroom. 
What are we learning in GT?
K-4 Grade Unit - Medieval England
The unit consists of multi-disciplinary lessons connected around one central theme: Medieval England.  The study of Medieval England is an excellent way to expose students to English history, culture, geography, etc.  Goals of this unit are to expose students to relevant aspects of English history during the middle ages, become familiar with the aspects of a Medieval Castle and life during the middles ages, and to compare and contrast life in Medieval England with life of today in the United States.

 GT Field Trip  
 The students had a great time exploring the wildlife ranch and getting an up close look at the exotic animals.



2014 GT Independent Study Projects


Classroom Resources

Take some time this week to get familiar with the following sites.
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Password: bookflix
Username: sunnyvaleelem
Password: books
Feel free to also explore and learn on Brain Pop Jr. 
Brain Pop Jr.: 
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