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This Week In Math:

    *SIGHT WORDS FOR THE WEEK:  put, said, are
    FRY's PHRASES: "one or two", "here it is", "no way"
    *Review the short "e" sound in words that end with "__en", "__ed", "__ell" and "__et"
    See this link: sort the vowel words  for practice reading and sorting words with the short "e" sound! 
    *Be sure you're reading your child's guided reading books in their bookbag every night!  Reading the same story many times helps with fluency and sight word recognition as well as comprehension!  
    Data, Graphing, most and least, number words, and review of odd and even numbers!
    Math vocabulary:  data, tally marks,graph, Bar Graph, Pictograph, most, least, in all
    "Everybody's a teacher and everybody's a student"~ Kid President

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    Dear Parents:
    This years Sunnyvale PTA Fall Carnival & Silent Auction will be held here at SES from 11:00-3:00pm. Please help ensure this events success be a success by volunteering to sign up for a time slot or two. Please feel free to click on the  DIRECT LINK: Please feel free to check out our grade level silent auction items this year as well.
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