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    Cheri Chapman
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    Sunnyvale Middle School
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  • This Week in Class
    Week of: January 15th 2018
    This is the 2nd week of the 3rd quarter.
    Students, please make sure you have the necessary supplies available every day in math.
    Here is a link to the supply list: 6th Math Supply List
    AT&T Field Trip:
    The 6th grade field trip to AT&T Stadium is scheduled for Monday, January 22nd.
    Here is a peek at the Tour Script
    Here is a guide for chaperones regarding parking. AT&T Frequently Asked Questions 
    Here is a link to the itinerary: AT&T Stadium Tour Itinerary
    Here is a list of students/chaperones by group: Student/Chaperone Groups
    **Chaperones, please make sure you have contacted the school office to complete a background check.
    UIL Teams
    Mrs. Chapman is the coach for UIL Mathematics. 
    The UIL meet for 7th and 8th graders is Saturday, February 17th, in Forney.
    Here are team members for 7th grade:
    Christen Kuruvilla
    Chelsa Jijo
    Ethan Saio
    Rebecca John
    Here are team members for 8th grade:
    Leah Matthew
    An Nguyen
    Angela Rillera
    UIL Mathematics practice will be on Tuesdays after school (3:15 to 3:45).
    Tutoring buses are available.
    See you there!
    Click below to see photos of us in our classroom!
    Students and parents, please take a moment to SIGN UP for my REMIND class.
    I will use REMIND as my main form of communication this year.
    Please see the instructions below to register. 
    To join by text
    Text @smsm2th to 81010
    To join online
    Visit remind.com/join and enter the class code along with your mobile phone number. You'll get text notifications at the number you entered.
    What are we learning this week? 

    Unit 5 (Proportional Reasoning with Ratios & Rates)

    6.4C Give examples of ratios as multiplicative comparisons of two quantities describing the same attribute.

    6.4D Give examples of rates as the comparison by division of two quantities having different attributes, including rates as quotients.

    6.4E Represent ratios and percents with concrete models, fractions, and decimals.

    6.4G Generate equivalent forms of fractions, decimals, and percents using real-world problems that involve money

    6.4H Convert units within a measurement system, including the use of proportions and unit rates.

    6.5A Represent mathematical and real-world problems involving ratios and rates using scale factors, tables, graphs, and proportions.

    6.5B Solve real-world problems to find the whole given a part and the percent, to find the part given the whole and the percent, and to find the percent given the part and the whole, including the use of concrete and pictorial models

    Vocabulary: Unit Vocabulary
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
    MAP Testing Math
    MAP Testing Math
    Solving Proportions
    Quiz: Ratios
    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?