• Laura Cowden
    *8th Grade Career Development
    *7th Grade STEAM
    *8th Grade Inclusion 
    Sunnyvale Middle School

About Me

  • This year will be my 8th year at Sunnyvale Middle School and my 18th year teaching! I reside in Sunnyvale with my husband of 20 years, Mark, as well as my two children, Madisyn and Sy.  Madisyn will be in the 7th grade this year, and Sy will be in 2nd grade.  I am super excited, as I know this will be an awesome year!!

    Week of:  01/15 - 01/19
    *Monday: HOLIDAY
    *Tuesday: Mondrian Puzzles
    *Wednesday: Picasso Game
    *Thursday: Tessellations
    *Friday:  Current Events & Tessellations Continued
    Career Development
    Week of:  01/15 - 01/19
    *Monday: HOLIDAY
    *Tuesday: Handwriting Ananlysis of Peers & Teachers
    *Wednesday:  Handwriting Analysis of Peers & Teachers
    *Thursday:  Chromotography Lab
    *Friday: Current Events & MobyMax