Tutoring Times:
    Activity Period Wednesday PM

    Weekly Class Objectives:) 
    Business Law

    Laws Governing Business Organizations

    - Compare and contrast different types of businesses

    - Identify government regulations on business

    - Distinguish between types of insurance

    - Draft a plan that demonstrates understanding of complience


    Global Business 

    - To define global business and common business practice

    - To explain economic concepts related to global industry

    - To analyze laws regulating global trade and industry

    - To eveluate global employment practices


    Money Matters
    Car Ownership
    -  How do I lease a car?
    Renting a Car
    - Advantages and disadvantages of car renting and car sharing
    - What options do I have, other than buying a car?
    - How can I use mathematics to understand car loans and to compare other offers? 
     - Understanding how to calculate the monthly payment and determine cash due at signing.
    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests: 
    Global Business: How a Global Business Runs Project due 1/17
    Money Matters:  Quiz on car renting/sharing 1/18
    Business Law:  Studying 5.1.4 Government and Business 1/17