Tutoring Times:
    Activity Period Wednesday PM

    Weekly Class Objectives:) April 2nd-13th
    Business Law :  Property Law
    • Describe personal, real, and intellectual property.
      Identify laws related to various types of property.
      Apply knowledge of personal, real, and intellectual property laws.

    Global Business :  Internationa Finance and Exchange

    Goal: To identify and explore exchange rates among different currencies and examine methods of entry and barriers to overcome in operating in an international market
    Description: Opening your business to an international market is becoming easier than ever in today’s world of constant communication and technology. In this presentation, students will identify the largest trade partners the United States has in foreign countries as well as the currencies each possesses. Trade between these countries is looked at while exploring different types of exchange rates and what they mean economically. Barriers, laws and methods of entry to international markets are also discussed.
    Objectives: 1. To examine U.S. currency and current exchange rates.
                     2. To identify common obstacles facing international businesses.


    Money Matters:  Home Ownership
    What is the housing market, and how can I decide if a house is fairly priced?
      • What are some common types of mortgages?
      • How can I use mathematics to understand and compare mortgage types?
      • How can I use mathematics to calculate how best to pay off a mortgage?
      • Besides a monthly payment, what other fees are involved in a mortgage? 
    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests: 

    Business Law - Chapter 8 Test Friday 4/6

    Global Business - Assessment 4 International Finance and Exchange Friday 4/6

    Money Matters - Quiz 9.3.3:  Variable Rate Mortgage