• Classroom Requirements:

    -A folder to keep all grammar notes and vocabulary lists
    -Headphones for listening exercises at the end of each unit.
    -Composition notebook to be used as Interactive Notebook. 

    Remind 101 Codes:

    Text the number 81010, the message for :
    1st period- @edcca8
    3rd period-@c69769
    4th period-@spanish23p
    9th period-@7dc4ea6
    6th period Bday-@gdak2g
    7th period Bday-@g32gke
    8th period Bday-@dk23b 

    Link to Google Calendar Codes:


    1st- d3zdnt








    Email teacher.



    Resource from class:

    -Spanish 1 & 2 textbooks are posted on webpage.
    -Daily assignments, instructions, worksheets/handouts/reviews can be found on "Spanish 1 assignment" and Spanish 2 assignment" link





    Tutoring Times:


    Monday- Friday (before or after school.  No tutoring Monday morning) 





    Weekly Lesson Plan: (April 16th 20th)

    Spanish 2- 
    We will begin chapter 7 this week. 
    This chapter covers:
    1.  Vocabulary words associated with air travel and geography.
    2.  Grammar -  Talk about things that WOULD happen.  (conditional ) and more direct and indirect objects
    3.  Culture- Talk about traveling in Hispanic countries.
    Spanish 1.
    We will begin chapter 8
    This chapter covers:
    Vocabulary words associated with minor illness, going to doctors, and pharmacy.
    Grammar- SER verses ESTAR.
    Culture- Discuss going to doctor and getting prescription medication.




    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests:

    Spanish 2-

    -Take chapter 6 test

    -Look up vocab. terms for the chapter.

    -Research info about inns and paradors. (from previous chapter.

    -Treasure chest vocab. quiz- Friday.

    Spanish 1-
    -Review vocab words in Quizlet.
    -Part 2 grammar-  Express what interest you/bores you.
    -Some oral assignments will be assigned throughout the week.