• This Week in Class
    Week of:  February 19-23
    What are we learning this week? 
    •  Monday-
      • Student Holiday
    • Tuesday-
      • President's Day reading passage with questions 
      • Complete Puppet Pals or Voki War of 1812 report
    • Wednesday-
      • Free enterprise activity
    • Thursday-
      • Free enterprise activity
    • Friday
      • Unit 3 Weeks 1 and 2 Vocabulary Quiz

    What TEKS are we covering?

    5.4(F)* explain how industry and the mechanization of agriculture changed the American way of life

    5.11(B)* describe how the free enterprise system works in the United States

    5.12(A)* explain how supply and demand affects consumers in the United States

    5.11(C) give examples of the benefits of the free enterprise system in the United States

    5.12(B)^ evaluate the effects of supply and demand on business, industry, and agriculture, including the plantation system, in the United States


    Please see calendar below for

    upcoming tests and
    other major assignments!!
    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?