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  • Thanks to Sunnyvale Education Foundation...We will be making Cornhole Boards during our next ELU!!  This will help our learning of perimeter, area and volume!!  I hope to start these the end of January.
    This Week in Class Week of: January 15-19
    TEKS: 5.4(G)  use concrete objects and pictorial models to develop the formulas for the volume of a rectangular prism, including the special form for a cube (V = l x w x h, V = s x s x s, and V = Bh); and (H)  represent and solve problems related to perimeter and/or area and related to volume. 

    5.6 (A)  recognize a cube with side length of one unit as a unit cube having one cubic unit of volume and the volume of a three-dimensional figure as the number of unit cubes (n cubic units) needed to fill it with no gaps or overlaps if possible; and

    (B)  determine the volume of a rectangular prism with whole number side lengths in problems related to the number of lay

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: MAP Testing

    Wednesday: MAP Testing

    Thursday: Perimeter, area and volume

    Friday:  Perimeter, area and volume

     ***Unit 8 Test over perimeter, area & volume on January 24th -Study:
    P= S+S+S+S
    A= LxW
    V= LxWxH
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