• This week in class:

    May 21st-25th:

    • Field Day on Monday!
    • Class party and awards this Friday, May 25th 10:40-11:20!  Early release at 12:55!  Have an AWESOME and safe summer!
    • Please continue to study all flash cards each night.  We will have another mixed multiplication test this Wed., May 23rd!
    • Students should be logging into Education Galaxy MATH for at least one hour per week and working in Recommended Topics for Study (turquoise bar).  Please continue doing this throughout the summer!  We want to come back for 4th grade ready!!!!  :-)  

    Math TEKS:  

    REVIEW of 3rd grade skills:

    3.1A-apply mathematics to problems arising in everyday life, society, and the workplace.

    3.6A-classify and sort two- and three-dimensional solids, including cones, cylinders, spheres, triangular and rectangular prisms, and cubes, based on attributes using formal geometric language.

    3.7E-determine liquid volume (capacity) or weight using appropriate units and tools.

    Math vocabulary:

    Review all vocabulary words from 3rd grade!


    Science TEKS:

    9A-observe and describe the physical characteristics of environments and how they support populations and communities within an ecosystem.

    10A-explore how structures and functions of plants and animals allow them to survive in a particular environment.

    10B-explore that some characteristics of organisms are inherited such as the number of limbs on an animal or flower color and recognize that some behaviors are learned in response to living in a certain environment such as animals using tools to get food.


    Science Vocabulary:

    inherited traits

    acquired traits