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Please join the PTA in celebrating our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.  You will find a THEME for each day of the week below – these are simply (suggestions).   Feel free to participate how you are able.  When you see your teacher, please let them know how much you appreciated their hard work and dedication.  Thank you for all the support you have shown our teachers this year.  PTA will also have a catered luncheon on Tuesday to show our gratitude. 
Monday (5/1) – Time Out For Treats
Gift ideas:  baked goods, your favorite sweet recipe, donuts, candy
(ideas of teacher's favorites on PTAavenue.com under "Documents)
Tuesday (5/2) – You Are #1 In My Playbook 
Gift ideas:  write a note listing attributes that makes your teacher great, pencils, pens, sharpies, stationary, journal, books for the classroom, a gift card from a book store/Amazon, other classroom supplies. 
Wednesday (5/3) – Thanks for Quenching Our Thirst for Knowledge 
Gift ideas:  bottle or can drink, Crystal Light or Propel type drink packets, a cup or mug, a gift card to Sonic or Starbucks. 
Thursday (5/4) – You've Helped Us Grow & Develop Our "Skills" 
Gift ideas:  draw a picture of your favorite flower, write a note telling your teacher what your learned this year, flowers, a plant, healthy snack (like apples, bananas, oranges, nuts, or protein/granola bars) 
Friday (5/5) –You Are An "ALL-STAR* Teacher 
Gift ideas:  write a note explaining a fun activity your teacher planned this year that you enjoyed, classroom decorating/craft supplies, movie tickets, restaurants/iTunes gift card, popcorn, a pampering item (nail polish, lotion, lip balm, etc.)   

Book Week

Cultural Diversity
 Cultural Diversity Night
April 27, 2017
Sunnyvale Elementary


The Cultural Diversity Team is still needing volunteers to host a table/booth.  Table/Booth theme might include clothing, food, or other aspects of your country's culture.  Please contact Phyllis Whitehead at phyllis.whitehead@sunnyvaleisd.com if you are interested in hosting a table or booth.

Mini Cheer Camp
Download and print sign-up form HERE

Sunnyvale Elementary UIL!!
2016-2017 Elementary UIL Champions!! 
For individual results, Click Here 

Raider Station Loo
We are off to a great start at Raider Station! Thank you to all who have worked so hard to provide this valuable service for our students and families.
Parents who utilize Raider Station in the mornings do not need to sign up each month for Raider Station as previously communicated.
Instead, if you have not already signed up and wish to use Raider Station, please use this form. If you have already signed up, but and will not be using Raider Station, please email Amy Tutle at amy.tutle@sunnyvaleisd so that she can remove you from the list. 

Our administrators are continually trying to make sure we have appropriate adult-to-child ratio and your help is deeply appreciated in helping us maintain an accurate count of students attending Raider Station.
Sign up, details and MORE.

SES Lunch Visitors
Due to increased traffic during lunch, we would like for all visitors to park in the parking lot instead of parking along the curb of the circle drive. If there are no spaces available, please park in the overflow parking lot or at the far end of the drive so that the area in front of the school entrance is kept clear at all times. 

SES Student Lunches
As a school we strive to ensure each student is able to enjoy the lunch that has been provided for them.  We are finding that many of our students are unable to open different portions of their lunch.  Some of these items include water bottles, Go-gurts, fruit cups, lunch containers, etc.  While our lunch volunteers always want to help each student, we are short-handed this year and do not have enough time to get to every child.  We are asking that parents practice opening packages with their child at home.  If they are unable to do this on their own, please adapt their lunches to items that they can easily open.  

SES After-School Carpool Procedure Reminder Parents  
If  your elementary child gets picked up in the carpool lanes after school, the person picking up MUST have a school-issued pick-up card. This is for the safety of your child. If you need more pick-up cards, please contact us to request more: 972-226-7601 or email julie.webb@sunnyvaleisd.com. Community Resources for Parents Search by area/county for a list of community resources. http://www.region10.org/house-bill-5/hb5-resource-database/