•  Mrs. Travis
    Wendy Travis
    Honors Biology, Anatomy & Physiology
    ale High School
  •             Classroom resources                                                                
    Biology- Sapling Online Textbook http://hs.saplinglearning.com  
                  Google classroom code-15805z
    Anatomy-Google classroom code- e70ds09    www.pearsonrealize.com
     Tutoring Tuesday & Thursday - 3:20 - 3:40 PM
     Weekly Class Objectives: Jan. 22-26
    Anatomy and Physiology will be exploring the respiratory system.
    Honors 1   will be investigating DNA and RNA and their roles in inheritance.
    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests
    Anatomy- Respiratory Test Thursday, Jan. 25
    When students are absent, they need to see me the day they return to school to get make-up work or email me the day they are out!!!!  Students, please do not wait until you have class next or expect me to seek you out.  Let's work on developing responsibility and self initiative.