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    Cody Stutts
    World Geography, Government, Economics, Varsity Football, Freshman Basketball, Track 
    Sunnyvale High School
    Tutorials: Tues & Wed 7:15 or
    by appointment
    Mon & Wed 10:30-12


    Classroom Resources:

    Platform is Google Classroom
    4A: Government-pha0bw
    5A: Government-qistah
    6B: Government-dbks2l
    7B: World Geography-5ez0mx
    8B World Geography- 0czag9s

     Each student has been assigned their online textbook log in. The Website log in is: My.hrw.com


    Tutoring Times:

    Tues 7:15, or by appointment 

    Wed After School, or by appointment 


    Coach Stutts Classroom Procedures.doc 

     Weekly Class Objectives: Week of 22nd-26th
    Economic Systems- Traditional, Command, Market, Mixed 
    Who controls production, prices, and supply and demand
    Founders and Advocates of each system
    Intro to Demand
    World Geography


    Introduction to Russia and the Republics

    Physical Geography of Russia

    Landforms and Resources, Climate and Vegetation, Human Environment Interaction 

    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests: 


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