• Billingsly Family


    Meridith Billingsly            

    First Grade Teacher

    Sunnyvale Elementary            

    E-mail: meridith.billingsly@sunnyvaleisd.com              

    Phone: 972-226-7601


    Week of: December 11th - December 15th 

    Word Wall Words:

            2nd qtr.                                                                                            1st Qtr.

    Week 1: please, ran, that                                                Week 1: the, am

    Week 2: him, find, who                                                  Week 2: like, ask, had

    Week 3: what, open, from                                              Week 3: too, did, here

    Week 4: first, has, for                                                     Week 4: put, said, are

    Week 5: came, they, after                                               Week 5: out, he, stop

    Week 6: them, soon, his                                                  Week 6: some, new, was

    Week 7: over, now, thank                                                Week 7: by, let, all

    Week 8: as, pretty, just                                                    Week 8: this, with, ate

    Week 9: Review all sight words                                        Week 9: then, give, her


    Word Wall flash cards will be in your child's book bag. Practice reading and rereading these words at home if your child is not already fluent. Your child's homework every weekday will be to read for 15-20 minutes. Home Readers are sent home and switched out once a week. Please listen to your child read and discuss the text. Please send the book bag back to school every day so we can learn from those books in the classroom as well. 

    Thank you!


    Planning ahead... What are the upcoming assignments, projects, tests, etc. for which students should plan..

    Monday, December 18th - Grinch Day

    Wednesday, December 20th - Holidays Around the World

    Thursday, December 21st - Holiday Party from 10:00 - 10:30 

    Thursday, December 21st - Early Release at 12:55

    December 22nd - January 5th - Holiday Break

    Spelling City: http://www.spellingcity.com/Billingsly12/ 

    TEKS Resource document:http://www.teksresourcesystem.net/module/content/search/tcmpc/#search


    My Class Wish List:

    * Play-Doh

    * Stamp pads (any color)

    * Watercolor paint

    * Sentence Strips (white and colored)

    * Velcro Strips

    * Laminating sheets


    Online library resources:

    Sunnyvale ISD Main Page and click on SISD Library. Then select Follett Shelf for Elementary. Login is students lunch number and password is raiders. 

    Epic! - Students may login to their profile. Epic Books This website has lots of free books online. The class code is TQX-8142 Students will need their 4 digit lunch number to log in to their profile.