This Week in Class
    Week of:  Oct. 9-13

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    What are we learning this week? 
    Math: Quarter Assessment on Monday. Factors and Multiplication unit starts on Tuesday.
    ELAR: Quarter Assessment on Tuesday. Literary Understanding with Fiction and Poetry
    Science: Quarter Assessment on Tuesday. Forms of Energy unit
    Social Studies: Quarter Assessment on Wednesday. Texas Native Americans

    Spelling Words List:
    1. kindness
    2. shyness
    3. weakness
    4. darkness
    5. fairness
    6. fearless
    7. hopeless
    8. helpless
    9. homeless
    10. speechless
    11. effortless
    12. wooden
    13. tighten
    14. soften
    15. sharpen
    16. sicken
    Vocabulary Word List
    1. Dinosaur- n. a fossil reptile of the Mesozoic era, often reaching an enormous size.
    2. Museum- n. a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored.
    3. Speechless- adj. unable to speak; without speech.
    4. Darkness- n. the absence of light.
    5. Admire- v. to regard with respect or warm approval.
    6. Ancient- adj. belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence.
    7. Nervous- adj. anxious, easy agitated. 

      Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?

    All students now have Google classroom accounts and should start looking there for resources.

    Planning ahead... What are the upcoming assignments, projects, tests, etc. for which students should plan?
    Monday - Math Quarter Assessment
    Tuesday - ELAR Quarter Assessment and Science Quarter Assessment
    Wednesday - Social Studies Quarter Assessment
    DRA Testing
    Texas Native American Map