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    Genevieve Gunter
    Middle School Girls Athletic Coordinator
    6th Grade Social Studies 
    Middle School Campus
    E-mail: genevieve.gunter@sunnyvaleisd.com
    Phone: 972-226-2922 
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    This Week in Class 
    Week of: January 8-12 
    What are we learning this week? 
    Russia and Eurasia 
    Writing Portfolio 
    Would you rather live in a country with a limited or unlimited government and why?
    5 paragraphs
    1- Intro
    2-4 Each a reason with an explanation 
    5- Conclusion 
    Monday 1/8 - Work on Writing Portfolio 
    Tuesday 1/19- Work on Writing Portfolio 
    Wednesday 1/10- Unit 6 Map/Notes
    Thursday 1/11 - Unit 6 Map/Notes
    Friday 1/12- Unit 6 Vocab Quiz and Writing Portfolio Due