• May Art 2018
    April art 2018
    March Art 2018
    February art 2018
    January Art 2018
    How to paint with crayon resist 
    winter art and winter snowflakes
    December art 2017
    Holidays around the world 
    How to make snow
    how to make a snow flake
    Reindeeir glowing baby jar art
    How to draw a reindeer
    watercolor demonstration/painting
    Salt dough Dani candels  with beads
     How to make a 3d pastel art
     draw a reindeer
     penguins and snowmen art
    November art 2017
    Paul Cezanne
    History and Artist Biography of Paul Cezanne 
    How to Draw and Fruit Basket 
    How to draw a pumpkin/gourd
    Drawing from what you see
    Still life
    History of 
     TEKS Line, form, shape, space
    October art 2017
    Silly pumpkins
    Vincent van gogh starry night pumpkins
    Haunted Mansion or Old Fall House your choice
    TEK Line color, space, shape, 
    September Art
    Pumpkin Lanterns 
    TEKS  form and color -construction paper art
    Finish Projects for PTA Reflections Project With in Reach 
    Create your own drawing drawing about something abstract with in reach or something realistically with in reach.
    Use large white paper and draw with pencils. For background students may choose chalks or marker. 

    If done with reflection project create a group circle project and read the dot:)
    Dot Dot George Seurat Art
    Paint a Dot Painting- Design a Landscape with sail boat , water and light house
    August Art
    This week in art April 18th -21st 
    Kindergarten - Fish bowl Art Barnes took kinder cities home Wilson finish Cities Koerner start cities (finished teacup) TEKS -color, line, space 1st - Panda faces paper plates, red paper, black paper (except Patterson, will so dragons and castles) 2nd - Egypt continued, paper plate, jewled coller, Sirois done 3d pyramids, 3rd- Finish Monet paintings 4th- Finish Monet paintings
     This week in art
    k-castles and t-cups
    kinder city
    1- Dragons for China 
    2- Pyramids 3d and sugar cubes 
    3- France water Lilies 
    4- French Landscapes 
    TEKS -Line, color, space 
    new materials 1B , and culture 
    This week in Art t April 6th-10th
    1st grade- Create a paper lantern -Design with markers
    2nd Grade- Rainbow fish drawingCreate a construction paper chameleon
    3rd Grade - Weaving with paper art 
    4th Grade -Finish the Great wave
    This week in Art 27th-April 3rd
    Kindergarten- Abstract line design (Rainbow Order -Color Spectrum) RGB Song TEKS 1-B
    First Grade - Painted Birds (Shape and line Project watercolor) 
    Second Grade - Finish African Art Part 2
    Third Grade- The Great wave Asian Art 
    Fourth Grade- The Great wave Asian Art 
    Monday Classes-are making up art
    This week in art March 20-24th
    Kindergarten Unique castles - using castle line type TEK 1B 
    1st grade -Rainbow fish weaving TEKs 1B
    2nd grade- rainbow fish weavings TEks 1B
    3rd grade -construction paper art building TEKS 1B
    4th grade-finish great wave if done start small weavings TEK 1B
     March 6th -10th TEK 1B
    1st and Kinder Rain bow fish TEK 1B
    2nd and 3rd Safari art  TEK !A
     4th Great waves TEk 1A
    This week in art Feb 6th-10th
    Kinder -Abstract water color heart TEKS Line color
    Second grade -Mosaic hearts TEKS 1B Line, color
    Third Grade- Straw weavings TEkS 1B Fiber art 
    4th Grade -Straw weavings TEKS 1b FIber art 
    This week in art January 30th- Feb 3th
    Kindergarten -Valentine's Day Art Monkey art -(TEK LIne and Color) 
    First grade- Valentine's Day art (TEK Line and Color)
    Second Grade-Valentine's Day Art Heart Mosiac (TEKS Line and Color) 
    Third Grade- Valentine's Day Art Aquarium if not done(TEKS Line and Color) 
    Fourth Grade- Valentine's Day Art Finish basics Mosiac Hearts if done -(TEKS LIne and color)
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