• Week of April 16th - 20th
    *  Multiplication/Division strategies 
    *  Multiplication facts for 8's
    *  Quadrilaterals
    *  Perimeter and Area
    *  Vocabulary:   perimeter, area, quadrilateral, angle, vertex, parallel lines, trapezoid, parallelogram, square, rectangle, rhombus
    *  Students should be studying all multiplication flashcards at home each week, we will have our 8's test this week!
    *  Students should be logging onto Education Galaxy at home at least an hour a week.  They should be working on Recommeded Topics of Study for Math - it is the blue bar!  Mrs. Staley is offering incentives for those working outside of school!
    *  Layers of the Earth
    *  Launch Space ELU
    *  Vocabulary:  crust, mantle, inner core, outer core, planets, solar system
    *  April 16th - National Pajama to Work Day!  Wear PJ's to school!
    *  May 14th  - STAAR MATH Assessment
    *  May 15th  - STAAR READING Assessment
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