• Week of February 12th - February 16th
    *  Multiplication/Division strategies 
    *  Multiplication facts for 9's
    *  Fractions on a Numberline
    *  Understanding Equivalent Fractions
    *  Vocabulary:  denominator, numerator, fraction, whole, number-line, divide, equal, quarter, half, third
    *  Students should be studying all multiplication flashcards at home each week, we will have our 11's test on Friday!
    *  Students should be logging onto Education Galaxy at home at least an hour a week.  They should be working on Recommeded Topics of Study for Math - it is the blue bar!  Mrs. Staley is offering incentives for those working outside of school!
    *  Recognizing and comparing Landforms
    *  Understanding rapid changes in the earths surface
    *  Vocabulary:  landform, mountain, hill, valley, plains, plateau, island, peninsula, volcano, earthquake, landslide, hurricane
    * February 14th - Valentines Day Party - class lists were sent home for addressing Valentines, each
    student is responsoble for making and bringing a Valentine box to school!
    *  February 16th - STEM CAREER DAY 
    *  February 19th - Presidents Day Holiday
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