• A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

    ~John C. Maxwell


    Sunnyvale Choir Department

    Officers 2017-2018
    Kayla Rabb, President
    Jacob Phillips, VP of Administration
    Helayna Barber, VP of Logistics
    Alli Miller, VP of Library
    Landry Hunter, VP of Morale
    Madi Wilson, VP of Uniforms
    Joshua John, Historian
    , Soprano Section Leader
    , Alto Section Leader
    , Tenor Section Leader
    , Bass Section Leader

    True Colors
    Hedy Hartness, Director's Assistant
    Amber Powell, Secretary/Librarian
    McKinley Ream, Photographer
    Angela Espares, Uniform Coordinator 
    Gracie Wester, Uniform Coordinator 
    , Soprano I Section Leader
    , Soprano II Section Leader
    , Alto Section Leader
     Pure Gold
    Zane Fisher, Director's Assistant
    Wyatt Cookston, Secretary/Librarian
    Robert Sloan, Photographer
    Cameron Kilpatrick, Uniform Coordinator
    , Tenor Section Leader
    , Baritone Section Leader
    , Bass Section Leader

    Chorale 6B
    Joshua Wilson, Director's Assistant
    Sophy Thomas, Secretary/Librarian
    Savannah Collins, Photographer
    Isabelle Iype, Uniform Coordinator 
    Chorale 8B
    Sheryl Bennett, Director's Assistant
    Jaydn Turner, Secretary/Librarian
    Tori Lyons, Photographer
    Maddison Maxey, Uniform Coordinator 
      Chorale 9th
    Andy Fassoth, Director's Assistant
    Alex Spera, Secretary/Librarian
    Lluvia Limones, Photographer
    Kaitlin McCauley, Uniform Coordinator