• This Week in Class
    Week of:  December 4-8
    What are we learning this week? 
    •  Monday-
      • Levels of Government handout
    • Tuesday-
      • 7 Principles of the Constitution Quiz
      • Levels of Government matchup
    • Wednesday-
      • Branches of Government sort
    • Thursday-
      • How a Bill Becomes a Law sort
    • Friday
      • Review foldables and partner activity


    What TEKS are we covering?


    5.3(A)* identify the issues that led to the creation of the U.S. Constitution, including the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

    5.3(B) identify the contributions of individuals, including James Madison, and others such as George Mason, Charles Pinckney, and Roger Sherman who helped create the U.S. Constitution

    5.15(B)* explain the purposes of the U.S. Constitution as identified in the Preamble

    5.15(C)* explain the reasons for the creation of the Bill of Rights and its importance

    5.16(A) identify and explain the basic functions of the three branches of government

    5.20(A)* describe the fundamental rights guaranteed by each amendment in the Bill of Rights, including freedom of religion, speech, and press; the right to assemble and petition the government; the right to keep and bear arms; the right to trial by jury; and the right to an attorney 

    5.16(B)* identify the reasons for and describe the system of checks and balances outlined in the U.S. Constitution

    5.16(C) distinguish between national and state governments and compare their responsibilities in the U.S. federal system

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    upcoming tests and
    other major assignments!!
    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?