This Week in Class Week of: December 11th 

    What are we learning this week?  
    DI: (Destination Imagination) 
    *6th Grade: Instant Challenges and Challenge Work 
    *7th/8th Grade: Instant Challenges and Challenge Work 
    MTA:  Reading Time
    *5th Grade (M-W-F):  We will begin Kit 4 after Christmas Break 
    *6th Grade:  Kit 5 
    5th Grade:  Monday, 7th Period (Archeology) Archaeology of a Penny 
    6th Grade:  Wednesday, 6th Period (Archeology) Newspaper Archaeology 
    7th Grade:  Tuesday, 6th Period (Comparative Anatomy) Grasshopper Dissection 
    8th Grade:  Thursday, 6th Period (Gross Anatomy) Mink Dissection:  Digestive System 
    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?

    Texasdi.org (DI)

    6th Grade Girls:  https://youtu.be/lLZH82aiK28
    5th Period Constitution: https://youtu.be/UE7IZWNEwqo