• Supplies for Forensics & IPC: 

    Supplies for students to have in class EVERY day:

    Composition notebook 

    Binder -or- Pocket Folder

    Notebook paper

    Writing Utensils (pens, pencils, hilighters)

    * Suggested by not required: earbuds/headphones, individual laptop or tablet


    Supplies for class use:

    *** Homework pass if brought by August 31st!

    FORENSICS = 2 boxes of Kleenex or 1 bottle of hand sanitizer & 1 package of black or blue pens

    IPC = 1 package of glue sticks & 1 package of construction paper


    Rules, Expectations & Consequences


    Campus Rules to be Enforced: Food/Drink, Dress Code and Personal Technology Devices



    1)   Be Prepared

    2)   Stay Seated

    3)   Remain Attentive

    4)   Respect Others

    5)   Use Time Wisely


    1.  I will be addressed as Mrs. Armstreet, and answered in a respectful manner (“no ma’am” and “yes ma’am”) at all times.

    2.  My desk, chair, computer, personal belongings and classroom materials are off limits. 


    3.  All classroom furniture and materials will be taken care of at all times. 


    4.  You will always sit in your assigned seat unless specifically directed otherwise by the teacher. 

    • Be seated and prepared to work when the tardy bell rings.

    • Dismissal from class will be limited to emergencies.  Use your passing period wisely for bathroom and water breaks.


    5.  I will dismiss you at the end of class, not the bell. 

    • Before leaving the classroom, return all class materials to the appropriate locations and neatly push in your chair.

    6.  You will treat substitutes with respect and behave respectfully while I am absent. 

    • Failure to do so will result in a detention.  This is your warning.

    7.  Be respectful to your peers and teacher.

    • Do not interrupt someone who is speaking.  Do not carry on personal conversations during teacher instruction.

    • Keep your hands to yourself.  Do not touch other people’s belongings without permission.

    8. Always have the supplies necessary for this class. (See list for clarification)

    9. Whining and complaining will not be tolerated.  Every assignment we do has a purpose! 

    10. Pay close attention to due dates and adhere to them! Pay close attention to the procedures for late or make-up work! 

    10. See the grading policy information for rules regarding personal technology devices.



    ·     1st offense: Verbal warning

    ·     2nd offense: Behavior “think sheet” and/or Removal from class

    ·     3rd offense: Office referral & Parental contact

    ·     Other behavior/discipline issues will be enforced according to the policies set by Sunnyvale ISD.



    Classroom Procedures & Grading Policy
    1. 20% = Minor Grades (Daily activities)

      1. Daily assignments will be listed on the whiteboard or class calendar.

      2. Class work will be available to be picked up in trays near the front classroom door or will be handed out by the teacher at the beginning of class each day.

      3. Class work will be turned in to the appropriate trays at the end of class or when the teacher has assigned.  When/if homework is given, it will be turned in to the appropriate trays within the first 10 minutes of class on the due date.  

      4. Graded assignments will be placed in the appropriate folders at the front of the room. These assignments should be picked up at the appropriate time, and filed in your class binder or folder. 

    1. 30% = Intermediate Grades (Labs, quizzes, notebook activities)

      1. Laboratory investigations

        1. To be completed as instructed by the teacher; failure to do so will affect your grade.

        2. Data and reports will be kept in your composition notebook as instructed.

      2. Class composition notebooks, which are graded under the intermediate category, will include a variety of assignments, such as: foldables, video activities, vocabulary activities and more.

      3. Quizzes will fall in the intermediate category

        1. Quizzes will be given at the teacher’s discretion.

        2. Quizzes will have varying formats.

    1. 50% = Major Grades (Assessments, projects, presentations, ELUs)

      1. Unit Assessments will be given at the completion of each unit.

        1. Everyone is expected to take the assessment on the day it is assigned.

        2. It is your responsibility to schedule make-up assessments in the event of an absence.

          1. Adhere to the tutorial schedule in order to schedule a make-up time.

        3. Tests will cover in class material and notes; trying to use the excuse that you missed the review so you can’t take the test, will NOT work.

        4. Assessments must be completed within the class period and may vary in format.

      2. Major projects/presentations will count as assessments; this includes ELU components.

    1. Late Work

      1. Minor/Intermediate assignments:

        1. 1 day late = 70 maximum

        2. 2 days late = 50 maximum

        3. More than 2 days late accepted per teacher discretion (with a severe grade reduction if accepted)

      2. Major assignments will not be accepted late and will receive a grade of zero.


    1. Make-up Work

      1. Make-up work will be completed after an absence from class per the instructions given by the teacher.

        1. Pay close attention to due dates.

      2. If you know ahead of time you will be absent from class, get your work before the absence takes place.

        1. School-sponsored activities, planned trips, doctors appointments, etc.

      3. In the event of an absence, you should come the next school day before or after school or during activity period to retrieve your missed assignments.

        1. You will not interrupt class instruction to receive your assignments.

      4. Make-up work should be turned in directly to the teacher and must meet the assigned due date. 

    1. Personal Technology Devices

      1. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop or tablet to the classroom, as we will consistently use Google Classroom and other web-based resources.

      2. The classroom will have a cell-phone policy in place.  Students are expected to adhere to that policy.

        1. Personal devices will be confiscated for each of the following offenses:

          1. Failure to receive permission to use device.

          2. Use of device for non-educational purposes.

          3. Disrespectful or disruptive use of the device.

            1. Confiscated devices will be returned to the student at the end of the class period.

      3. Excessive misuse and confiscation of personal devices will result in an office referral and prohibited use of personal devices during class time.

      4. Use of personal devices for plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty may result in confiscation, disciplinary action or a zero for the assignment grade.