Tutoring Times:
    Activity Period Wednesday PM

    Weekly Class Objectives:) 
    Business Law

     Explain intentional torts: 

    • Explain negligence.
    •  Classify torts involving harm to the person and harm to property.
    •  Explain strict liability.
    •  Compare intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability in various business scenarios.


    Banking and Finance

     Financial Literacy:  Getting Started


    1. To identify how to keep financial information safe.

    2. To identify how to safely use credit and debit cards.

    3. To identify goals, prioritize goals, and create an action plan to achieve goals.

    4. To identify different types of banking institutions and services offered.

    5. To identify the process of reconciling an account.

    6. To identify the basic features of online and mobile banking.



    Money Matters
    1. Taxable Income:  How to calculate?  Key Terms: Adjustment, Deduction, Exemption, W-2, W-4, Filing Status, Standerd Deduction, Tax Table
    2.  Itemized Deductions>  How to calculate?  Key points:  Medical and dental expense, State and Local Tax, Nonreimbursed Work Expense, Charitable Donations, Casualty Loss
    3.  Tax Bracket:  How to calculate amount of taxes paid and money after taxes?
    4.  Submitting a Tax Form:  The process for a return vs when you owe.  1040 Vs 1040EZ
    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests: 
    Business Law Unit 3 Test Friday 11/10 on Tort Law
    Bank and Finance Financial Literacy Test Friday 11/10
    Money Matters Unit 3 Test Friday 11/10. on Income Tax