Tutoring Times:
    Activity Period Wednesday PM

    Weekly Class Objectives:) 
    Business Law


    • Explain ethics in business.
      Analyze ethical issues in business-related scenarios.
      Describe ways to demonstrate ethical behavior.
      Demonstrate ethical behavior in a variety of business-related scenarios.
      Explain corporate social responsibility and what it looks like in an organization.
    Banking and Finance


    1. To examine the types, sources and uses of credit.
    2. To determine the established guidelines for credit ratings and scores.
    3. To outline the need for maintaining good personal and business credit ratings.  
    Money Matters
    • Learn the various types of benefits that may be part of a compensation package.
      Compute the value of a compensation package.
      Explore situations in which a higher-paying job is not necessarily the best overall compensation.
    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests: 
     Business Law Unit 1 Test Monday 9/11