• 5th Grade Science – Mrs. Stokes

    2017 - 2018

    Welcome to a new and exciting year of 5th grade science!  I am delighted to be your teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. Fifth grade brings new challenges and responsibilities, but together we can succeed.  I engage students on a daily basis through hands-on learning, cooperative learning, higher-order thinking skills, and problem solving.  I have high expectations of each and every student that I teach and encourage support from home as we progress through the school year.


    Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for 5th Grade Science STAAR test


    Required materials for class:

    1.)   Composition Notebook           2.) Pens/Pencils              3.) Glue stick            4.) Scissors               5.) Map Pencils


    Evaluating Student Progress           

    Science Grading Breakdown

    Each project that is assigned will have a rubric, and will be given to students at least 2-3 weeks before the project is due, depending upon the difficulty of the project.


    Make Up Work

    Students will be allowed 3 school days to complete any make up work assigned while they were absent from class.


                                                         Timeline for Units of Study

    1st Nine Weeks

     Science Safety and Inquiry (3 days)
    Physical Properties of Matter (21 days)
    Forces (7 days)
    Light and Electricity (14 days)

    3rd Nine Weeks

     Sun, Moon, and Earth Systems Cont. (14 days)
     Patterns in the Natural World (5 days)
    Ecosystem Interactions (13 days)
    Life Cycles (5 days)
    Inherited Traits and Learning Behaviors (16 days)

    2nd Nine Weeks

    Light and Electricity Cont. (14 days)
    Energy Resources (8 days)
    Earth's Changes (10 days)
    Sun, Earth, and Moon Systems (15 days)

    4th Nine Weeks

    Inherited Traits and Learning Behaviors (16 days)
    Designing Solutions (20 days)