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    Ashley Broom
    English III/English III Honors
    Head Girls Track & Field
    Assistant Volleyball 
    Sunnyvale High School
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    Unit 3 Overview:

    This unit bundles student expectations that address word study, reading and writing of expository texts and reading of procedural texts. The goal of this unit is to enable students to analyze and use information in texts and documents by making inferences and drawing complex conclusions about ideas presented. Reading and analyzing an array of texts supports students’ understanding and use of the unique structures, organizational patterns, features, conventions, and techniques in their own writing. Various forms of information texts continue to provide the avenue for the practice of making inferences, summarizing, synthesizing, and providing textual evidence during reading. Students examine informational texts and related media to make personal and world connections within and across different contexts and genres. An emphasis on the integration of listening, reading, and writing skills allow the continued development of processes while providing a foundation for college and career readiness.

    This week in English III:
    Students will take their final TRS assessment for the quarter and review for Semester exams.  All work must be turned in by Friday to receive credit. 


    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests:

    Semester Exams Tuesday, Dec. 19-Thursday, Dec. 21