SUPERHERO WORKSHEET                               

    It’s A Plane….It’s A Bird……It’s a SUPERHERO!

    Superhero Characterization Monologue Unit

    Objective: You will establish your own original Superhero so that it helps you understand true characterization.  Once done with this unit you will be able to transfer your knowledge of characterization to other acting units


    Timeline of Project (w/ due dates)

    1. Characterization WKS (a wks that answers the basic character questions) Sept 25


    1. Poster (includes a picture of his/her costume and their logo, can be done on copy paper)  Sept 28


    1. Final Draft- Original Monologue (must be ½-1 1/2  a page typed no more than 12 pt. font)  Sept 28


    1. Performance- Must be memorized and present them to the class.  Sept 29/Oct 3


    Requirements of the Project


    Drawing of Superhero and Logo- It needs to have details, including costume (mask, cape, outfit, etc), show me their personality through your picture!  (Daily Grade)


    Characterization WKS- answer the questions in as complete an idea as possible.  Some answers will require more than one sentence.  This must contain information pertaining to how your superhero got his/her power.  (Daily Grade)


    Final Draft- Must be a half page-page and a half typed with no more than twelve point font.  Make changes if needed for performance. (About a minute to a minute and a half) (Daily Grade)


    Performance- You will be memorized and in character and with different voice as best as possible.

    (Test Grade)