August 23-25:  Introduction to class.  Class expectations.  Begin list of 100 World History questions to be due at end of 9-weeks period.
    August 28-Sept 1:  Religious Philosophers:  Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism.  Early Civilizations:  Farming techniques, technological diffusion, Neolithic Revolution
    Sept 5-8: Textbook pages 152, 99  189-191, 120, 191-192, 170, 109, 200-207 Unit 3: Early Greece/Classical Greece including art, architecture, government; cornerstones of early Greece. Greek advancements/Ancient Greeks/belief in mythological creatures.  Alexander the Great Biography/History Channel video.  Begin Persian Empire
    Sept. 11-15: Cyrus the Great mini biography/Persian achievements/Rome:  Themes in Chapter 6/ 10 Innovations that Built Ancient Rome/Role of Women in Roman society/Justinian, Roman Emperor/ Gupta India/Mauryan Empire: read text pgs. 189-191. Jewish Diaspora, explanation of term/spread of Christianity.  UNIT ONE TEST WILL BE FRIDAY, SEPT. 15TH.  STUDY YOUR NOTES
    Sept 18-22: Unit 4 Topics:  Medieval Church/Magna Carta/Feudal System/Architecture of the Catholic Church/Song dynasty of China/Tang Dynasty/Mecca/ Cover definitions of Unit 4/ Intense study of the Life of Henry VIII and the far-reaching implications of the break from the Catholic Church