• Things You Don't Know About Me :)
    1.  I always read magazines from back to front.
    2.  My hair has been every color but bright red.  It has even been the color of a Dr. Pepper can.
    3.  Sleeping with one sock on at night comforts me......not two.
    4.  I love "coffee house" music.  Michael Buble & Harry Connick Jr. ROCK!
    5.  September makes me happy and not because of football.  That's when I begin listening to Christmas music. (old school...Elvis & Bing Crosby) 
    6.  Mary McDonald, the decorator, is someone I would love to meet someday.
    7.  Comedians excite me much more than pro athletes. 
    8.  Rearranging furniture is my idea of a really good time!!!!!!!!
    9.  In my other life, I was  Katie Couric......or Tina Fey!
    10. I snort when I get really tickled.  My girls love this about me. :)
    11.  Frozen pickle juice is the bomb on a hot day. 
    12.  I wish I had a better laugh.  I actually practice new ones while driving.