• This Week in Class
    Week of: 2/19- 2/23

    What are we learning this week?


    - Reading Selection: Los Enamorados (Brangelina)
    - Vocabulary & Grammar: Positive Spanish Words, Commands, Common Words, 

    - Spanish Word of the Day:     

    - Assignments: Ch. 4B Vocab.-Er/Ir verbs (conjugations)


    - Grammar: 

    - Reading Selection: ESL Reading Smart

    - English Word of the Day: 


    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?

    SPA1 & ESL: 

    - Tutoring

    - (SPA) Quizlet/ Conjuguemos/ Duolingo/Spanish Dictionary.com/Teacher Web Page

    - (ESL) Teacher Web Page, Rosetta Stone, ESL Reading Smart