Ashlee Baker
    7th Grade ELA/Reading
    Sunnyvale Middle School

    This week... Classroom activity



    WEEK OF: March 19-23 


    MONDAY: Present Informational Text Magazines

    TUESDAY: Present Informational Text Magazines/ Review for Test

    WEDNESDAY:  Informational Text Unit Test

    THURSDAY: Informational Text Unit Test

    FRIDAY: Begin Persuasive Unit 

    5-A-Day Language Review Handbook: 6th Grade Language Handbook

    Upcoming Test- There will be a test over Informational Text either the last week in February or the first week in March depending on when we complete the unit. 


    7TH GRADE 

    MONDAY: Complete Informational Text Strategies Gallery Walk 

    TUESDAY: Review for Test

    WEDNESDAY: Informational Text Unit Test

    THURSDAY: Informational Text Unit Test

    FRIDAY:Begin Persuasive Unit 


     7th Grade Resources:  

    5-A-Day Language Review Handbook: 7th Grade Language Handbook

    The 5-A-Day Language Review is a 5 question review of language concepts that the students should know. Some condepts will require them to look at the handbook that I have provided to all of my classes. I have directed them to keep this under the grammar tab in their notebook. The handbook gives examples of each concept covered in the 5-A-Day review. Should a student be absent, it is always their responsiblity to complete the missed days of the review. 

    Revise & Edit Personal Narrative: Click to Download

    Upcoming Test-  Fiction & Drama on January 30th