• Coach Baker 

    7th Grade ELA/Reading Syllabus

    ELAR Course Syllabus (Download & Print by clinking this link)


    Classroom Expectations: 

    1. Be Prompt: Please be in your seat when the bell rings.

    2. Be Respectful: Please treat your peers, teacher and the classroom with the respect. No food, drink or gum in the classroom (unless special permission has been given.)

    3. Be Prepared: Please come to class with all necessary supplies. Please do not expect to leave the classroom once the bell has rung, unless in case of emergency.

    Using My Website: 

    I hope to use my school website as a resource for students and parents. Every few days I will be updating my page with important information. This includes, but is not limited to, assignments, class notes, special projects, etc. Please use this to your advantage to stay on top of your assignments. Staying organized is crucial to being successful in school and in the future. To help with this we will be using a daily planner in class. Any planner that is broken down by the day will be just fine. I will post information on the calendar online, and the one in my room. 


    We will be doing a lot of reading this year, both individually and as a class. I ask that you stay caught up with reading assignments. I will quiz your knowledge on assigned reading often, and it could be planned or random. I have worked to increase the amount of books that I have in my personal library and I am more than willing to share books with you, but please treat them with care! There will be a system to follow when checking out my personal books. 


    Writing is a very large part of what we will be doing this year. That being said, please do not see writing as a burden. I hope that you have already found the joy of writing, and if you have not, we will work on that this year. Our writing will differ throughout the year. It may connect with the books that we are reading in class. We will also write letters, persuasive text, poetry, narratives, and more. 

    The Year at a Glance:

    1st 9 Weeks:

    Understanding Literary Nonfiction and Poetry

    Understanding Fiction and Drama 

    2nd 9 Weeks: 

    Understanding Fiction and Drama (continued)

    Understanding Informational Text 

    3rd 9 Weeks: 

    Understanding Persuasive Text and Media 

    Formulating Connections Across Literary Texts

    Formulating Connections Across Informational Text 

    4th 9 Weeks: 

    Formulating Connections Across All Genres

    Generating Research 

    Grading Policy: 

     Daily Grades/Homework Assessments/ Major Grades

    If you have questions about your grade on an assignment, I am happy to discuss it with you at the right time. Please write down your concerns about the grade, and attach it to the assignment before turning it back in to me. I will review your concern and give you feedback. 

    Late Work: 

    Being that you will be organized and you will know when assignments are due, their should not be a problem with late work. However, I will accept late work the class period after it is due. The penalty for late work will be 40 points off of your grade. 

    (Cut across the dotted line, and turn in the bottom half for your first daily grade.)


    We promise that we have read the course syllabus, and will follow the guidelines presented by the teacher. 

    (Instead of turning this in, parents may submit the form on the parent information tab)  

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    Any concerns or information that you would like for me to know going in to this year: