• Sunnyvale Middle School

    Rae Harvill

    Theatre Arts and Design Theatre

    Conference: 6th Period


    Theatre Arts This course is designed to introduce the student to the many performing and technical aspects of theater. Acting is introduced through individual and group exercises in improvisational and memorized performances. Basic theatrical knowledge, play reading, and playwriting are emphasized. The primary objective is to develop the student’s creativity and self- expression.

    Design Theatre This course is design to introduce the student to the design and technical aspects of theatre. Designing is introduced through individual and group projects in costume, makeup, set, prop, lights, and sound designs and executions. Basic theatrical knowledge, play reading, and designing are emphasized. The primary objective is to develop the student’s creativity and self- expression.

    All classes will have the opportunity to have hands-on experiences in acting and some stagecraft through the preparation and public performances of plays. These opportunities allow for the exploration, development, and synthesis of all elements of theatre by providing for the integration and implementation of ideas and skills supplemented by the other courses.

    *You will have 1 after-school performance for this class that will count as 2 major grades. Attendance is mandatory. Please make arrangements well in advance to be there. 6th Grade Theatre classes will perform April 10th, and Theatre I/II & Advanced Theatre will perform TBA. Design Theatre students will be required to attend one of the performances.  More information will be provided.

    Classroom Rules

    1. Stay positive, respectful and encouraging of yourself and others

    2. Come prepared for class with all materials

    3. Be a good audience member, listen and do not speak while others are presenting

    4. Do not do something that will cause a problem for yourself or others.


    Do your best work.

    Respect yourself and each other.

    Always be prepared.

    Make responsible choices.

    Accept that you may look silly sometimes


    1st Offense- Warning

    2nd Offense- Removal from activity & Sign the lunch detention board

    3rd Offense- Before/After School Detention w/ written self reflection & Parent Contact

    4th Offense- Before/After School Detention w/ written self reflection & Parent Contact

    5th Offense- Office Referral

    Daily Work-

    Students will be given ample class time to work on assignments and presentations. It is up to the student to take advantage of the class time given to complete work so that homework is not necessary.  However, if the student does not complete the assignment during class, it is up to the student to complete the work at home, additional time will not be given unless specified.


    If a student is absent, it is the student's’ responsibility to get all class notes and work that was missed. The student may ask questions about the assignment at the end of class. They will be given an extra day to finish assignments at home/on their own time. If students have an unexcused absence on the day of a test (performance or presentation) points may be deducted from the overall grade. Advanced communication is key, as most performances and presentations may be group oriented.

    Grading Scale

    Tests/Presentations 40%

    Daily Work 20%

    Participation 40%

    Technology/Internet Use

    Personal laptops, iPad’s, iPod’s/MP3s, and phones will be resources for use at designated times in class and with teacher permission only. These are the responsibility of the student and Sunnyvale Middle School will not be held responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items. This is not a requirement for class work, just an opportunity to implement technology use in the classroom. If phones or technology becomes a distraction or is misused, the teacher has the right to take it up and turn it over to the office per school rules.

    Parent Involvement

    We are looking for several coordinators for different events this year. These parents would help with ticket management, fundraisers, costumes, set building, etc. We need at least one parent for each area. Contact Mrs. Harvill for more information.

    Text Notifications & Parent Communication:

    Sign up for Remind Texts: text the following to 81010

    6th Grade Theatre: @sms6thea

    Advanced Theatre: @smsadvthea

    Theatre I/II: @smsthea12

    Theatre Design: @smstheades

    E-Alerts: Go to the Theatre webpage and sign up for E-Alerts when information is updated.

    Social Media:

    SMS Theatre has an instagram! Follow us for fun pictures of activities in class and various updates about the program! @sunnytheatre

    If you do NOT want your student’s picture posted Instagram, please let me know. :)

    **** PARENTS!****

    Please fill out the online contact form Please do this no later than September 1st..

    Classroom Procedures

    Entering Classroom

    1. Walk in respectfully

    2. Take out materials needed for class (written on the board)

    3. Sit in assigned area and begin Bell Work (on board)

    Beginning of Class

    1. When tardy bell rings be in seat with required materials.

    2. Complete Bell Work & Discuss

    3. Discuss schedule/work for the class period (listed on board)

    Asking or Answering Questions

    1. Raise your hand and wait calmly

    2. Remain engaged in the discussion or topic at hand

    3. When called on by the teacher, respond clearly and respectfully

    4. If teacher is helping another student, politely wait

    Class Time and Teaching

    1. All notes and handouts need to be kept and organized in the student’s binder. DO NOT throw anything away until you are instructed to do so.

    2. Participate in class at ALL times.  Please note students will receive a participation grade.

    3. Students will be given class time (as time allows) to begin and work on projects.  This will allow the teacher to check for understanding.

    4. The only homework you will have is any you create for yourself.

    5. Be aware of volume and space that you are in and sharing with others. Stay on task during group work. 

    Exiting Classroom

    1. End of the class, we will put room back into order

    2. When bell rings do not move, listen for instructions from teacher

    3. Put away all materials used into their proper place

    4. Pick up trash in your area and place in trash can

    5. Exit classroom

    *Lack of cleaning and putting materials away results in lunch detention

    Personal Philosophy

    I believe all students are creative. Theatre education is an opportunity for students to embrace their creativity in brainstorming, problem solving, building, or acting. There are so many opportunities for growth, community, and education. It is also a place for students to express themselves and experience empathy. I believe education is empowerment. It is the gift students receive that gives them the strength to achieve, insight to their individuality, and appreciation for the world around them. Education is the medium in which students become lifelong learners and creative innovators.

    Teacher Philosophy on Class Procedures and Work

    It is my responsibility, as an educator, to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that is beneficial to the learning of all students. This class will follow the school rules as presented in the Sunnyvale handbook and the classroom expectations listed above and classroom procedures listed below. Homework is created only in the event the student(s) do not finish in class. Rarely it is assigned. It is the personal academic philosophy of the teacher to assign class work and homework for the following reasons: practice, preparation, and elaboration. Projects and performances (which will act as Test grades) will be due the day assigned and have no room for receiving a late grade. Students are expected to do their own work. Cheating will NOT be tolerated, and a referral will be issued.

    Teacher expectations and goals

    I expect each student to come to class ready. I expect all students to participate, be positive, and respectful. Every student can learn. They just each have different ways to take it in, process it, and retain it. As a class we must understand this and be an encouragement to one another. My goal is that each student would learn and develop as individuals through moments of growth and achievement. Also, for students to step out of their comfort zone and take healthy risks and in turn build their character and leadership. My hope is that this will prepare them for their bright future ahead.