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  • The arts play a critical role in students' success in school and beyond, enhancing their reading and language skills, mathematics skills, thinking skills, social skills, motivation to learn, and positive school environment.  Students who participate in the Reflections Program get an opportunity to explore the arts and culture, develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills and recognize themselves as artists.  It is a fantastic program and will help to enrich our schools and community.

    Congratulations to the following students
    These students all received an "Overall Award of Excellence" and their Reflections entries will advance to the State Level Judging 
    Nearly 60,000 Texas students participate in the program annually and less than 3% of those advance to Texas PTA state-level judging.
    Sunnyvale High School
    • Joshua John - 10th Grade - Literature
    • Neethu Issac - 12th Grade - Dance Choreography
    • Kai Mangrum - 10th Grade - Special Artist, Literature
    SHS Reflections Finalists
    Sunnyvale Middle School
    • Grayson Gardner - 7th Grade - Literature
    • Danny Litty - 5th Grade - Literature
    • Ephraim Mangrum - 6th Grade - Visual Arts
    SMS Reflections Finalists
    Sunnyvale Elementary School
    • Brady Wolston - 3rd Grade - Photography
    • Samuel Navaja - Kinder - Visual Arts 
    • Caleb Young - 1st Grade - Photography
    SES Reflections Finalists

    Congratulations to the following students!
    ~These students all had entries advance to Regionals~
    Elementary School 
     Madison Andrews Gabrielle Hill Madison Smith
     Ashwini Aryangat Clara Beth Lewallyn Kinsley Starnes
     Scarlett Blackstone Asher Lewis Lakelyn Steffee
     Lillian Fisher Ava Macha Alice Weaver
     Samuel Frazer Jace Mangrum Lila Weaver
     Anna Fredrickson Samuel Navaja Isaac Weaver
     Shianne George Johnny Nguyen Brady Wolston
     Anna Goral Claire Pease Caleb Young
     Christopher Hill Sam Sjåvik Bethany Young
    Reflections SES  
    Middle School 
     Brantly Baker Sarah Griffin James Marshall
     Arlen Chocko Catherine Hickman Kylie Naaman
     Jonathan Dewolfe Angela John  An Nguyen
     Destiny Dunn-Jaramillo Olivia Joseph Megan Statham
     Amita Edison Danny Litty Jewelin Sunny
     Grayson Gardner Lindy Mangrum 
    Reflections SMS
    High School 
     Neethu George Issac Gabriela Lopez Joshua Mathew
     Joshua John Kai Mangrum 
     Refelctions SHS

  • Congratulations to last year's winners!

    PTA Reflections State Award Winners:

    David John - Sunnyvale Middle School - Literature:  Award of Merit

    Brooke Nelson - Sunnyvale Elementary - Photography:  Award of Merit


      Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Texas State PTA Reflections Winners:

    Morgan McCullough, Award of Merit, “The Power of Love”, Sunnyvale Middle School, Literature

    Loralai Milton, Award of Merit, “Out of My Mind”, Sunnyvale Middle School, Musical Composition