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    Theatre Sunshine Award and Director's Choice Award is given each 9-week grading period.
    • Sunshine and Star Award is voted on by the class. This person shows kindness, positivity, is an encouragement to others and makes classmates smile.
    • Rocks Like a Fox or Popcorn Award is voted on by the class. This person shows great creativity through performance, writing or project-making. They also make strides to improve their talent or skills. 
    • Director's Choice Award is chosen by Mrs. Harvill. The person chosen for this award has shown great leadership, hard-work and gone above and beyond to be a good student.
    • An overall student-of-the-year will also be chosen by Mrs. Harvill, this person has been a positive contribution to the environment of their class and been a great student throughout the whole year. 
    • Students chosen for this award will be rewarded with an end of the year ice-cream party.  
    • Ice Cream Party-- May TBA Theatre Room
    Sunshine Star Award:
    John Parker Hisaw
    Parker McClellan
    Daniel Samuel
    Emma Melvin
    Kyse Said
    Je'Mela Harris 
    Hayden Gardner  
    Rox Like a Fox and Popcorn Award:
    Sidney Williams
    Haleigh Lawless
    Lindsay Pike
    Rylea McKinney
    Jarrett Stewart 
    Gloria Hansen
    Candice Hernandez 
    Director's Choice: 
    Brenden Kilpatrick
    Tessa John
    Chinaza Onungwa
    Morgan D'Elia
    Lily Yang
    London Weerasekara
    Overall Students of the Year