5th Grade Class Expectations

    Punctuality- Students will be given four minutes between each class rotation. Due to the close proximity of the classrooms, students should have plenty of time to get to class. Students in the hallway without a pass after the bell may be considered tardy.
    Respect- Students should be respectful of others and school property at all times.
    Food, Drink and Gum- Gum will not be allowed on the middle school campus at any time by students, faculty, or staff. Students will not be allowed to have food or drinks in the classroom during the school day. Water will only be permitted in the classroom with a medical consent.
    Supplies- Backpacks will be allowed in the classroom to help transport supplies. Students who frequently forget their classroom supplies may be asked to speak with their teacher(s) to come up with a plan to resolve the situation.
    Restrooms- Students should utilize their passing periods to go to the restroom as much as possible. 
    Recess- Students will be given weekly recess, weather and campus schedule permitting.
    Daily Assignments
    Students must submit all classwork and homework to the assignment trays in Mrs. Teel's classroom on the due date. Their full name and class period should be on all assignments. Daily assignments will weigh 70% of the student’s overall average.       
    • Note: Some assignments may be assigned and completed within the class period. Assignments started in class and not finished will become homework. Other assignments may be required to be completed strictly outside of class.
    • ELU Progress Checks - Progress checks made throughout the duration of an ELU will weight 70% of the student’s overall average.
    Tests/Major Grades
    • Unit assessments will be given at the end of each unit.  Unit assessments will weight 30% of the student’s overall average. 
    • Major Grades/Projects/ELU Final Group Grade - Assignments that fall into this category will also weight 30% of the student’s overall average. Students and parents will be notified if an assignment falls into the Major Grade/Projects category.
    Late Work- 
    Any assignment submitted late will be subject to a 30-point deduction from the student's final grade.
    • 1 or more days LATE: 30-point deduction from final grade. Student have up to 1 week to submit late work. After 1 week, the assignment will remain a 0 in the gradebook.