• PTA’s have the ability to create great change in their neighborhood schools, such as mentoring students, assisting teachers in the classroom, helping to raise funds for goals established by the membership.  All of these things, along with many others not listed here, position PTA has an important member of the CommYOUnity and brings along a high level of expectation and transparency.

    Our governing documents – bylaws, standing rules and policies – create the framework that allows PTAs to protect the rights of the its members while still providing new and exciting opportunities for our students, educators and families.

  • Executive Board (for the 2016-2017 school year)
    (per Bylaws approved 8/12/15, Article IX)
    The members of the executive board shall be:
    A. the officers of the association;
    B. the principal of the school or the principal’s representative appointed by the principal ;
    C. the SES Committee Chair, SMS Committee Chair, SHS Committee Chair.
    Melanie Meinhardt
    Vice President    
    Melissa Crumley
    Kristi Perez
    Gloria Pendyala
    Rachel Baughman
    Ron Sterling
    Brandon Tunnell
    Sara Staley
    SES Campus Chair
    Katie Anderson
    SMS Campus Chair
    Catrina Fisher
    SHS Campus Chair
    Robin Barber