•  Mrs. Travis
    Wendy Travis
    Honors Biology, Anatomy & Physiology
    ale High School
  •  Class Supplies for 2018-19 School Year
    Honors Biology and Anatomy & Physiology
    * 3 Subject Spiral
    * Map colors
    * Pencil/Pens (any)
    * Ruler
    * Kleenex, Glue sticks, Scissors or Germ-X...Pick ONE additional supply        

    Conference — 9:11-10:41 3A (M-W)

    Late work---   One day late –30 pt deduction    Two days -not 50 pts Three days= 0  

     Major assignments will not be accepted late.

    Make-up work--- You are responsible for getting your make-up work from me.   

    Check board and Google classroom for missed assignments, email me, and ask classmate for missed notes.  

    School related absence make-up work must be requested for before trip.  Tests need to be taken prior to school trip.

    Grades – 50% Major (tests, projects)  30% Intermediate (quizzes, labs)  20% Minor (participation, worksheets)  No Retests Given                                                


    Classroom resources                                                                
    Biology- Sapling Online Textbook http://hs.saplinglearning.com  
                  Google classroom code-

             Honors Biology Syllabus

    1st Quarter

    Biology Skills




    3rd Quarter

    Genetics and Heredity



    2nd Quarter

    Cellular Processes

    Cell Growth and Differentiation

    Mechanisms of Genetics

    4th Quarter

    Viruses, Bacteria, and Protists

    Plant Systems

    Animal Systems

    Current Developments in Biology


    Adjustments will be made to syllabus as needed.

    Anatomy-Google classroom code-     www.pearsonrealize.com

                                          Anatomy Syllabus

           1st 9 Weeks                                                   2nd 9 Weeks                                                                                            Overview of the Human Body                         Skeletal Tissue, Bones                                                                                        Tissue Overview                                           Muscle tissue and muscles                                                                    Integumentary System                                  Respiratory System

            3rd 9 Weeks                                                 4th 9 Weeks                                                                                           Nervous Tissue and system                              Urinary System                                                                                          (brain and eye dissection)                              Endocrine System                                                                                          Blood                                                            Reproductive System                                                                              Cardiovascular System                                 Lymphatic/Immune system                                                                                (Heart Dissection)                                                                                                                                                        Digestive System  (fetal pig dissection)                   

     Tutoring Tuesday & Thursday - 3:20 - 3:40 PM
     Weekly Class Objectives: 
    Anatomy and Physiology 
    Honors 1   
    Important Due Dates for Major Projects and Tests
    When students are absent, they need to see me the day they return to school to get make-up work or email me the day they are out!!!!  Students, please do not wait until you have class next or expect me to seek you out.  Let's work on developing responsibility and self initiative.