Welcome to 5th grade writing!  I am excited to be your teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. Fifth grade brings new challenges and responsibilities, but together we can succeed.  We strive to engage students on a daily basis through hands-on learning, cooperative learning, higher-order thinking skills, and problem solving.  I have high expectations of each and every student that I teach and encourage support from home as we progress through the school year.
    Daily Assignments:
    • Students must submit all classwork and homework to the assignment trays in the classroom on the due date. Their full name and class period should be on all assignments. Daily assignments will weigh 70% of the student’s overall average.    
    • Note: Some assignments may be assigned and completed within the class period. Assignments started in class and not finished will become homework. Other assignments may be required to be completed strictly outside of class.
    • ELU Progress Checks Progress checks made throughout the duration of an ELU will weight 70% of the student’s overall average.

    Tests/Major Grades: 

    • Unit assessments will weight 30% of the student’s overall average. 
    • Major Grades/Projects/ELU Final Group Grade - Assignments that fall into this category will also weight 30% of the student’s overall average. 

    Late/Missing Assignments:

    •  1 or more days LATE:  Subject to a 15 point deduction from final grade.
    • Missing assignments may be made up at teacher discretion.