• Raider Pride Jazz Band

     The Jazz Ensemble will meet during the 3rd period time of the modified block schedule. Like the Concert Band, Jazz Band is a relaxed and fun way to enjoy the cool side of jazz, fusion, latin, world and blues music. The Jazz Ensemble may perform at U.I.L. Solo & Ensemble, a Jazz Concert, the Winter and Spring Band concerts, as well as other civic events. There is an audition for the ATSSB Region Jazz Band in mid September and students are highly encouraged to try out. This group will be comprised of students in grades 9 – 12.  Students in the Jazz Band are not required to perform in the Marching Band.  The Jazz Band frequently plays at community events for a donation to our Band Booster club.  If you would like the Raider Jazz Band to play at your event please contact Mike Royer at michael.royer@sunnyvaleisd.com

     Percussion Ensembles

     The Percussion Ensembles meet during the late fall and spring semester.   A considerable amount of time is spent in class working on the ensembles, but there will be sectionals outside of class that the students will be required to attend.   Percussion Ensembles perform at U.I.L. Solo & Ensemble, Winter and Spring Band Concerts, a possible Percussion Festival and various civic activities.  This group will be comprised of students in grades 9 – 12.