• 5th Grade Class Expectations

    Punctuality- Students will be given four minutes between each class rotation. Due to the close proximity of the classrooms, students should have plenty of time to get to class. Students in the hallway without a pass after the bell may be considered tardy.
    Respect- Students should be respectful of others and school property at all times.
    Food, Drink and Gum- Gum will not be allowed on the middle school campus at any time by students, faculty, or staff. Students will not be allowed to have food or drinks in the classroom during the school day. Water will only be permitted in the classroom with a medical consent.
    Supplies- Backpacks will be allowed in the classroom to help transport supplies. Students who frequently forget their classroom supplies may be asked to speak with their teacher(s) to come up with a plan to resolve the situation.
    Restrooms- Students should utilize their passing periods to go to the restroom as much as possible. 
    Recess- Students will be given weekly recess, weather and campus schedule permitting.
    **Missing Assignments- Students who have missing assignments during the week will be given an opportunity to make up missing assignments at teacher discretion.


    Students will receive consequences for disrupting the instructional/learning environment, disrespect, or for off-task behavior. For students with severe behavioral concerns, such as academic dishonesty, fighting, etc., please refer to the Student Code of Conduct. Consequences can include, but are not limited to: lunch detentions, loss of Friday recess, or after school detentions. Severe misconduct will result in an automatic office referral. Consequences issued will be communicated to you in the student's Wednesday folder each week. Repeated or severe consequences will result in a parent phone call, email, or meeting with the 5th grade team of teachers.