• 5th Grade Honor Choir meets every Monday school day in the SMS Choir Room 3:15-4:00PM.

    Pixar Picnic concert - Apr. 27, 6:00PM, SHS Cafeteria
    Be at SHS at 5:30PM wearing Choir tshirt/jeans. Bring dinner or order $6 Chik Fil A meal from Mrs. Senter's website. 
    NRH2O Contest - May 18
    Aloha Skate Party - Feb. 13
    Please open the following links to print information and Permission form. $10 
    Honor Choir trip to sing at NorthPark Mall - Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016
    Students wear HC shirt and khaki pants/capris/skirt
       9:30AM - Depart SMS
       10:30AM - Sing at Northpark between Macy's and Nordstroms
       11:00AM - Go with parent chaperones to Food Court for lunch (bring money)
       11:30AM - Walk around mall with parent chaperones
       12:45PM - Load bus to return to school
       1:00PM - Depart Northpark
       1:30PM - Return to SMS
    Parents who wish to chaperone need to have a current background check for SISD.
    Four forms were sent home Nov. 14 and need to be returned to Mrs. Shelley by Nov. 18
    Click the link below to see who is in this year's 5th Grade Honor Choir. If you have a Y next to your name, that means you have returned your signed contract. If there is not a Y you need to sign the contract below and return to Mrs. Shelley.  Rehearsals begin Monday Sept. 19 in the SMS Choir Room 3:15-4:00PM.
     Click the link below to read the 5th Grade Honor Choir Contract and Signature Page. Bring your signed contract to the auditions.
    Sunnyvale 4th & 5th  Grade Honor Choir


    Sunnyvale 4th & 5th Grade Honor choir is a select choir consisting of fourth and fifth graders.  The 5th Grade Honor Choir will rehearse after school on Mondays 3:15-4:00PM in the SMS Choir Room. 4th Grade Honor Choir will rehearse at the elementary school. The two choirs will combine for performances and contests.


    Private Auditions will be held Monday, September 12th after school. 

    On audition day: 

    Please be 10 minutes earlier than your time slot in case we are running ahead of schedule. If you are signed up for anytime before 4:00, you can stay at school.  Come to the music room and wait outside the room until your audition time.  If you are signed up for 4:00 or after, you can go home and come back up to school for the audition time.  Parents, you can drop off your child by the SMS band hall.  There will be someone there to let them in. You can leave after you audition.  You will be required to sing the first verse of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” a cappella. You only need to sing the first verse, and it does NOT have to be memorized.

    Rehearsals will be every Monday that we have school, 3:15PM until 4:00PM, starting September 19th.

    You will be required to purchase a T-shirt.  You will wear your T-shirt with khaki pants for any concerts.

    Sunnyvale 5th grade Honor Choir will be a very special group.  You will be selected through an audition process, and because of the nature of the choir, you must display exceptional behavior during class, so that I know you will be a wonderful and well-behaved member of the Choir.  You will also need to be passing all your subjects in school.  If at any time you are failing a subject in your class, your classroom teacher and I will discuss your situation, and you MAY be dismissed from choir.

    Read the philosophy, goals and expectations of the 5th Grade Honor Choir, and sign the contract at the bottom of this page.  Return the Signature page to me when you come to your audition.

    Be sure to sign up on my webpage for an audition time.  There is also an online 5th Grade Honor Choir Contact Form that you will be asked to fill out if you make the choir.

    Audition results will be posted on the Honor Choir webpage sometime Tuesday, Sept. 13th.  They will also be posted outside the music room on Tuesday after school.


    Kellan Hickman, Sandy Shelley, and Judi Thomas

    Choir Directors



    Philosophy of the Sunnyvale

    4th & 5th Grade Choir

    The Sunnyvale 4th & 5th Grade Choir has been organized to give fourth & fifth-grade students a positive choral experience and also to encourage continued participation in choral programs at the middle school and high school levels.  The choir is built on the concept that music plays a vital role in the development of the individual.


    Goals of the Sunnyvale 4th & 5th Grade Choir

    1.  To give your child a positive choral experience that will foster a lifelong love of music


    2.  To be a vehicle for encouraging your child to stay in a music program throughout middle school, high school and beyond


    3.  To provide your child the opportunity to develop good choral skills and musicianship through quality performances


    4.  To demonstrate the importance of self-discipline in a choral setting


    5.  To provide an environment to foster the talents of the gifted and talented students in the Sunnyvale School District.



    In order for the Sunnyvale 4th & 5th Grade Choir to achieve these goals, its members must demonstrate the ability to:


    1.  Talk or communicate with others only when appropriate


    2.  Stay focused and actively engaged during rehearsals and performances


    3. Attend all rehearsals and stay informed of important information concerning Sunnyvale Honor Choir events.