• 5th Grade Social Studies
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    Daily Assignments
    Students must submit all classwork and homework to the assignment baskets in
    Mrs. Walker's classroom on the due date. Their full name, date, and class period
    should be on all assignments. Daily assignments will weigh 70% of the student’s
    overall average.       
    • Note: Some assignments may be assigned and completed within the class period. 
                      Assignments started in class and not finished will become homework. Other 
                          assignments may be required to be completed strictly outside of class.
     Engage Learning Units
    Students will be working through several engage learning units (ELU's) in my classroom
    this year, and these units focus on student collaboration, critical thinking, cooperation,
    and creativity.  Students will be asked to create products for a a real-world audience.  
    Even though the product or products are created in a group, there are several individual
    tasks that will be completed along the way.  Please see my calendar on the welcome page
    for when ELU's will begin and project deadlines.   
    Tests/Major Grades
    • Unit assessments will be given at the end of each unit.  Unit assessments will 
                      weight 30% of the student’s overall average. 
    • Major Grades/Projects/ELU Final Group Grade - Assignments that fall into 
                      this category will also weight 30% of the student’s overall average. Students
                         and parents will be notified if an assignment falls into the Major
                         Grade/Projects category.
    • Late Work- All assignments are expected to be completed by the due date. 
               assignment submitted late will receive a 30 point deduction.
    • Corrections- Assignments may be corrected for a grade up to a 70.  Students will 
                   have one week from the time the paper is returned to submit corrections.  
                         Tests may also be corrected by arranging a time with me before or after
                         school.  Corrections must be completed one week after grade has been
                         returned to student. 
    Mrs. Walker's Tutoring
    • Tutoring  - Tutoring will be offered Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after school.  
                      This is time for students to come work on corrections or any other work they
                             may need help with.