• 8th Grade Girls’ Coca-Cola Basketball Tournament~ January 12th & 13th
    8th Grade Basketball Tournament
    Games will be played at
    Crandall MS  
    500 West Lewis
    Crandall, TX 75114
    Raynes Administration Building (Old MS - on other side of football field)
    400 West Lewis
    Crandall, TX 75114 

    8th grade A Team 

    We will be leaving SMS at 2:30 to arrive in Crandall for our 4:00 game. The times for Saturday will be dependent on how we play Friday.  *The B-Team will NOT play Friday. 

    8th grade B Team

    NO GAMES FRIDAY. Your first game will be on Saturday@8:30am.

    Saturday Leave time 

    BOTH  teams will leave SMS @7:30am. We will have a mandatory shootaround 7:00-7:30am. The gym will be open by 6:50am. 


    Please bring money on Saturday to eat at either the concession stand, or a restaurant if times allows. Bringing snacks and water is also suggested. Return time to the school depends on how each of the teams play.

    Please be in contact with your athlete throughout the day, so that you will know what time to be back at SMS to pick her up.

     Your child will be allowed to leave the tournament with you if you send an e-mail to genevieve.gunter@sunnyvaleisd.com. As always, please check out with a coach before taking your daughter