Reflections -- Heroes Around Us

Reflections Theme
  • Reflections is an arts program sponsored by the PTA.  To find the entry rules for your artistic medium, follow the links below:
    All students submitting an entry to the PTA Reflections Program, MUST have at least one Sunnyvale PTA member in his/her household.  Join the PTA today to take advantage of this program.

    Reflections is a PTA sponsored National Arts Education Program.  Students submit entries in the fall to the Sunnyvale PTA where they will be judged. Some of the entries are submitted to the Texas Regional PTA, Texas State PTA and (hopefully), the National PTA for judging.
    Sunnyvale students have traditionally done well in the program with many making it to the State level judging and one even going to the National program.  Go here to see the latest news on Sunnyvale reflection entries.
    The Sunnyvale PTA is proud of all of the artwork submitted by the students and will host an Art Exhibition in the Fall with all Sunnyvale PTA students' artwork.