• Dual Credit Biology

    Summer Reading 2017

    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

    This book is required reading.

    You can find it online for purchase for around $10.

    You will be tested on text content (important people, places, events, etc.) on Friday, August 25th.

    You will also be involved in a group discussion about ethics and science in class on that date.  
    Be prepared to discuss how science informs society and how society impacts science, historical and modern ethical dilemmas in science, the role of technology in science, and specific ethical issues from the text.

    You will also complete a writing assignment by Friday, September 1st.  

    Writing assignment information: Writing Guidelines
    The following documents may help when reading the book and preparing for the test:
    1) Important Characters: HeLa Characters
    2) Timeline: HeLa Timeline
    3) Guided Reading Questions: HeLa Guided Reading