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    Name: Jacey Moody
    6th and 7th Grade Science, Middle School Girls' Coach
    ale Middle School
    E-mail: jacey.moody@sunnyvaleisd.com
    Phone: 972-226-2922

    This Week in Class
    Week of: April 23, 2018
     What are we learning this week? 
       6th Grade 7th Grade 
     Monday   ELU “To Mars...And Beyond?” Plan:  Analyze Challenge Brief Ecoregions/Catastrophic Events/Human Impact Test
     Tuesday ELU “To Mars...And Beyond?” Research Introduction to Interpreting Data
     Wednesday ELU “To Mars...And Beyond?” Research Interpreting Data Writing Assignment
     Thursday ELU “To Mars...And Beyond?” Research What are the necessities of life and what planets have the potential to sustain life?
    Friday ELU “To Mars...And Beyond?” Research Possibilities of Life in our Solar System Index Card Research


    What assignments are due this week?
    6th Grade:

    7th Grade: 

    Interpreting Data Writing Assignment due Friday (4/28)



    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?

    6th Grade:

    Science Objective: Earth and Space:   The student understands the organization of our solar system and the relationships among the various bodies that comprise it.  The student is expected to: 

     6.11 B: understand that gravity is the force that governs the motion of our solar system; and

    6.11 C:  describe the history and future of space exploration, including the types of equipment and transportation needed for space travel.

    Moody Web Page:  There is a link titled "Science Instructional Videos" that will be updated regularly with videos to help clarify, explain the current concepts students are learning.


    7th Grade:

    Science Objective: Earth and space. The student knows components of our solar system. The student is expected to:

    7.9A  analyze the characteristics of objects in our solar system that allow life to exist such as the proximity of the Sun, presence of water, and composition of the atmosphere; and

    7.9B  identify the accommodations, considering the characteristics of our solar system, that enabled manned space exploration.


    Planning ahead... What are the upcoming assignments, projects, tests, etc. for which students should plan?
    7th grade: 
    Ecoregions/Watershed Assessment: 4/23/18
    6th grade: