•  ART
    5th Grade ART 
    Supplies : All students need in my class is to bring their "ART Bag" that they take to other classes which should include at least a pencil, eraser, colored pencils, ruler, and a sharpener. The only thing I really expect is at least a pencil.  
    Lessons: Below is a flexible schedule of lessons I will teach this year. 
                  * 1st 9wks:  Op Art Illusions, Audubon Birds, How to Draw video, Inspirational Quote Poster for Library
                  *  2nd 9wks: Thank a Veteran, 3D Letters, Snow flakes, Chinese Art 
                   * 3rd 9wks:  Graffiti Murals, Valentine's Splatter Hearts, Islamic Tile Design, William Wegman Collage
                   * 4th 9wks:  Rock Art, Spring Mosaics, Origami, Aquarium 1 pt perspective, Chalk mural