• This Week in Class Week of:
    December 18-21
    What are we learning this week?
    Students will reinforce classroom expectations, procedures, and policies. 6th grade students will continue to learn the basics of reading music and the proper playing techniques their instruments. Students should take their instruments home and practice every day!
    What assignments are due this week?
    During our semester exam times students will clean out their lockers and take their instrument home. 
    LOCKER INSPECTION WILL BE GRADED. Lockers should be completely clean of trash, and wiped out with Lysol wipes which Mrs. Cull will provide. 

    Semester Exam grades are taken from the Winter Concert attendance. We will play until each class's semester exam time is completed. 

    Students will NOT need their instruments Thursday December 21 due to the semester exam schedule.

    Learning Resources . . . what websites, videos, materials will be helpful?
    High Brass Embouchure (trumpet and French horn)
    Low Brass Embouchure (trombone, euphonium, tuba)
    Planning ahead... What are the upcoming assignments, projects, tests, etc. for which students should plan?
    Students should be ready to set some good habits this week!
    Have a wonderful winter break!