6th Grade-Beginner Band

  • Are you interested in band? Because band is interested in YOU!
    Being a part of the Sunnyvale Raider Pride Band Program is fun, challenging, engaging, and FUN! Students learn to play an instrument, read music, write music, and make friends! Band starts in 6th grade, so DON'T MISS OUT!
    The focus of 6th grade Beginner Band is to create a passion for music in young students and create a foundation of skills and understanding for success in later years. Students will learn to play their instrument individually, as well as with the larger group. All 6th grade Band students will participate in the following performances; Winter Concert, Solo and Ensemble (voluntary), Soundpost Festival, Spring Concert. Additional performances--if planned--will be announced at a later time. 
    The following instruments must be purchased or rented by students:
    Alto Saxophone
    The following instruments are provided by SMS Band, requiring a $100 fee to cover repairs and replacement:
    French Horn

    Everyone did a fantastic job at our Winter Concert! 

    Below are links to videos from the concert:

    6th Grade Nutcracker March

    6th Grade Specials and Sleigh Ride

    6th Grade Ukulele White Christmas

    Blue Band

    Gold Band

    Raider Pride Band

    Jazz Band


    All SMS Band students are highly encouraged to take private lessons with our fantastic staff of teachers!

    These highly skilled musicians are a great resource to improve a student's abilities from 6th all the way through 12th grade! Please find all contact information in this file.