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    Literature -- Expressing your own thoughts and ideas through the use of words.  Authors submit a single literary work, handwritten or typed, using grade-appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling. Each entry should be a single piece of literature; collections of literary work are not accepted.
    Any of the following literary style are acceptable for your fiction or non-fiction entry:
    • Prose
    • Poetry
    • Drama (screen play and play script)
    • Reflective essay
    • Narrative
    • Short story
    The entry must: 
    • Be a new and original work based on the theme "Heroes Around Us".  A large part of the judging is based how the work relates to the theme as spelled out in the Artist's (written) Statement. 
    • Not exceed 2,000 words
    The entry may:
    • Be typed by another person as long as the original work or a copy of the original work is attached. 
    • Be dictated to another person and printed or typed in exact words as spoken by the student if the student is in Pre-K, Kindergarten or 1st Grade. 
    • Submit literature entries in their own language. An interpretive translation in English must accompany the entry. 
    You can read last year's detailed rules from the Texas PTA here.  
    Work on your artwork this summer, and come back in the fall to enter it into the progam.
    Questions?  Contact Heather Sjavik