• ***Please note there have been date changes for callbacks and cast list posting***


    Audition Form and Signature Page

    Tech Form and Signature Page 

    Please print and fill out this form and bring it with you to your audition. You will also need your Parent's signature on the signature page. 


    Auditions are 11/9/2017 from 3:45-6:30 You may sign up for a time below:

    Audition Times Sign Up Sheet

    Tech Audition Times Sign Up Sheet

    If you would like to be a part of crew, please fill out the tech form and bring back the signature page. Crew auditions will be by appointment before or after school the week of 11/6-11/10. Please bring any materials with you that you believe pertain to the crew position you would like.

    Ex.:  If you are interested in doing lights, please bring a list of past experience with lights, as well as any designs.

           If you are interested in stage managing, please bring a past stage manager binder, or an example one if you have never made one before.


    **Callbacks will be 11/13/2017 from 3:30-4:30 if necessary.**


    **The company list will be posted on 11/19/2017 on my webpage.**


    Please prepare a 30 second to 60 second contemporary dramatic monologue (written after 1900) for your audition. It must be memorized if you would like to be considered for a role.

     **Rehearsals will be MTRF 3:45-5:45. There will be some Saturday rehearsals. A full rehearsal calendar will be released after casting. Please understand that I do take conflicts into consideration when casting. If you cannot make rehearsals, that may affect your casting in the show. I will try to work with you as much as I can, but this is our competition show, and I expect a strong commitment from those that wish to be a part of this show.**

    Radium Girls is a dramatic one act play that follows the story of Grace Fryer, a dial painter in the 1920s, as she fights against her boss Arthur Roeder, and the U.S. Radium Corporation, for her day in court. In the 1920s, dial painters would use their lips and ingest the radium in the paint they used, which led to radiation poisoning, and eventually death. The show balances drama with humor, and is a fast paced ensemble show that tells the story of a woman and her fight for justice against those that would wish to silence her.